Plastics by dıspo Plastik

Dispo plastik, with it's professional staff, not only produces high quality products, but still continues it's research and developement and adds new projects, designs, moulds to it's portfolio to give the best service to it's customers.

Through continuous hard work, Dispo Plastik aims to become the top player in it's region for production of disposable plates, cutlery, garbage bags and cups.

Dispo Plastik welcomes you to our disposable plastics collection to bring your homes all the convenience  and wide range of choices to diversify your kitchecn tables and gardening applications

We are a packaging company established in Istanbul and we are one of the leading thermoforming and extrusion companies in Turkey.

Dispo Plastik produces all types of disposable items like Cups, Plates, Cutleries, Food Containers and Food Service Trays, gardening and horticulture pots, nursery trays, seedling trays, fruit packaging trays, PP, PS, PET, PMMA sheet with many years of experience.

90 % of our products are sold to export markets. Our biggest markets are Europe, Middle east, UK and USA.

Dispo Plastik uses only premium quality raw materials to ensure the quality and customer satisfaction and our products are 100% recyclable and environmental friendly.

If you have any technical questions or any problems related to plastic, please do not hesitate to contact Dispo. Dispo staff is happy to be at your service.

Enjoy our disposable products and once you are done with them, please do not forget to put them into the recycle bin and contribute to a better future.

Set of disposable dishes on a kitchen table

Dispo Plastik

Dispo Plastik is at your service with it's factory in Gaziantep and sales office in Istanbul.

For your Disposable plates, plastic cutlery, garbage bags, plastic cups inquiries, please contact us.

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